Elite Series

The Elite Series spas are the road to a quiet body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home, combining appealing aesthetics with unrivaled adaptability and simplicity of usage.

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Elite Series Spa Models


Legacy 1

DIMENSIONS: 86” x 86” x 37.5”


Legacy 2

DIMENSIONS: 86” x 86” x 37.5”


Legend 1

DIMENSIONS: 86” x 86” x 37.5”


Legend 2

DIMENSIONS: 86” x 86” x 37.5”

Heritage 1 side 800x

Heritage 1

DIMENSIONS: 92” x 92” x 37.5”


Heritage 2

DIMENSIONS: 92” x 92” x 37.5”


Tradition 1

DIMENSIONS: 92” x 92” x 37.5”


Tradition 2

DIMENSIONS: 92” x 92” x 37.5”

Elite Series Color Options

Viking cabinet colors
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Viking Spa Features

Spa Touch

Almost all modern electronic gadgets use touch screen interfaces. With the spaTouchTM technology from Balboa, your Viking Spa may also have one! It makes the operation as simple to use as a smartphone or tablet, therefore removing the need for instructions. It makes it simple to program filtration cycles and reminders, and its Wi-Fi compatibility enables remote spa operation.

BWA™ - control your Viking Spa with any smart device

Today, there are an increasing number of intelligent appliances, and your Viking Spa is no exception. With the Balboa Worldwide App (bwaTM), your smart device (AndroidTM or iPhone®) will allow you to access your hot tub via a direct connection anywhere in the local vicinity of your tub; anywhere in your house where you can connect to your local WiFi network; or anywhere in the world where you have internet access to your smart device via 3G, 4G LTE, or WiFi hotspots. Visit the bwa website for further details on this practical choice.

spaTouch™ Premium Audio

This gives you all the great features of Bluetooth but will allow you to control your device right from the panel on your spa without endangering your device near water.  Additionally, playlist, artist & song title information appears on the spa panel for complete audio control right at your fingertips.

TempShield ®

Our TempShield Reflective Insulation gives your spa with superior heat retention. This lightweight insulation reflects up to 95% of radiant energy back into the spa, preventing heat loss and providing excellent insulation.

Foam Board

The insulating option of foam board limits airflow through the cabinet. This improved insulation helps prevent heat loss and, as a bonus, significantly reduces the machinery noise in your spa.

Premier LED Lighting

In the spa industry nowadays, lighting choices are a prominent element. With Viking Spas, you will discover one of the most effective LED lighting systems available. Not only do we give perimeter lighting around the top of the spa, but we also have various light locations beneath the water and outside cabinet lighting that is exclusive to high-end spa models. This improved illumination is standard on the majority of our models, although it is an expensive addition on other models on the market. Why pay more for something that ought to be the norm? Set the atmosphere for every spa event with numerous colors that are readily programmed through your spa’s settings.

Premium Waterfall

Waterfalls offer many benefits. The soothing sound of flowing water provides a tranquil way to wash away stress and provide a peaceful and relaxing environment. Our spas offer our uniquely designed vanishing edge lighted waterfall.

Air X

A completely new soft tissue hot tub therapy experience. Air X infuses the soft feel of air and water. Utilizing Airnetic engineering, Air X multiplies the air output for a jet stream that is both soft and powerful. By combining two flow patterns with stimulating reflexology, sore muscles and tired joints are soothed and rejuvenated.