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During the winter months, a pellet stove may offer heat in areas that are difficult to heat, such as a sunroom, a cabin without central heating, or any living or sleeping section of the house. Although pellet stoves resemble wood stoves, they burn hardwood pellets instead of wood. These pellets burn cleaner and more effectively than wood.



Stoves Installed

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Pellet Inserts

With the installation of a Fireside pellet fireplace insert, you can quickly and easily turn your old, drafty wood-burning fireplace into an energy-saving and environmentally responsible heating powerhouse. Pellet inserts are a wonderful addition to any house, cabin, or another living area since they provide heat that is both clean and consistent, as well as long-lasting performance, and they are simple to use and maintain.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves from Fireside are an alternative method of home heating that burns cleanly and is kind to the environment. Fireside provides pellet-burning stoves that are ideal for any house, cabin, or another living area, and they do so by making these stoves available in a broad variety of types and units. Have a look below at our range of stoves that have been professionally made and are of excellent quality.

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All Products include…

Cost Effective

Between seasons, pellet burners are perfect for supplemental warmth.

Cost Effective Fuel

Pellet prices have been remarkably stable over the past decade, while all other energy sources fluctuate sharply with the market.

Carbon Neutral

Pellet stoves are carbon neutral because the carbon released after burning is equal to the amount of carbon absorbed by the tree during its development.

Easy to Use

All versions have at least a thermostat, allowing them to automatically turn on and off. 

Excellent Performance

A great pellet stove’s efficiency may surpass 90 percent. Therefore, just 10 percent of the pellets’ energy is wasted in the chimney.

No Chimney

The pellet burner does not need a chimney with a strong draw since smoke is discharged to the outside through forced ventilation.

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