Brunswick – Black Wolf Pool Table

  • Table Size: 7′ (2.1 m) / 8′ (2.4 m)
  • Legs: Pedestal with Leg Levelers
  • Pockets: Drop Pocket
  • Cloth Colors: 14 options
  • Finish Option: Black
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Naturally dramatic, the Black Wolf table is in its element in contemporary homes, from casually chic to sleek and sophisticated. Durable metal rail pocket corners, round rail sights, and jet-black laminate provide the perfect detail. Built for a lifetime of enjoyment.


  • Table Size: 7′ (2.1 m) / 8′ (2.4 m)
  • Legs: Pedestal with Leg Levelers
  • Pockets: Drop Pocket
  • Cloth Colors: 14 options
  • Finish Option: Black

Unique Features

  • Brunswick Certified Premium 1″ Slate
  • High Performance™ Nut Plate Construction
  • Brunswick Cushion Rubber
  • Black Finish
  • Round Rail Sights
  • Leg Levelers


  • Legs: Laminate over MDF
  • Rails: HPL over Solid Hardwood
  • Base Frame: 7′ Plywood / 8′ Hardwood
  • Aprons: Laminate over MDF


  • Dimensions 7′ – 89″ x 51″ (226.1 x 129.5 cm) / 8′ – 101″ x 57″ (256.5 x 144.8 cm)
  • Play Surface 7′: 76″ x 38″ (193 x 96.5 cm) / 8′: 88″ x 44″ (223.5 x 96.5 cm)
  • Weight: 621 lbs* (281.7 kg) / 728 lbs* (330.2 kg)
  • Slate Thickness: 1″ Framed (2.5 cm)
  • Floor to Top of Slate: 30.2″ (76.7 cm)
  • Floor to Top of Rails: 32″ (81.3 cm)

Why Buy Brunswick?

Brunswick built a legacy from building the best. If you look inside a Brunswick table, this becomes clear as you see innovation after innovation. Every extra step we take in the building process ensures we achieve superior accuracy and consistency in our tables. We are proud to stand behind every product that carries the Brunswick name, and guarantee the quality, materials and workmanship of our products.

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Our innovative nut plates enable 70 percent more torque to be applied to each connection, enabling a stable, smooth transition between rail and slate, which improves performance and playability.
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Our hardened dome washer guarantees that the rail is retained directly on the table, preventing twisting, sinking, and loosening over time.
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The SUPERSPEED® CUSHION RUBBER is a high-performance cushion rubber. Brunswick Over seventy years, SuperSpeed cushions have established the standard. The special rubber composition increases precision, rail uniformity, and rail control.
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Precision is necessary, and the bonding and positioning of cushion rubber are crucial to the overall performance. Brunswick achieves improved accuracy and consistency using pneumatically-controlled machines that glue the cushion rubber to the rails for a precise, consistent fit.
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Banking and rebound accuracy are dependent on the table’s cushion rubber’s nose height. Automated, pneumatically controlled machines from Brunswick precisely position the cushion rubber, maintaining a uniform nose height over the whole table that matches the norm of 64 percent of a 2 1/4″ diameter ball.
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The Brunswick rails are constructed of solid oak. The precision-machined rails provide a solid base for the cushion rubber to ensure exceptional accuracy and performance.


Recessed recesses machined into the rail let the rail fabric be firmly stapled several times without interfering with the attachment of the rail to the slate.
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For the manufacturing of all solid hardwood goods, Brunswick employs exquisite furniture joinery methods. These joinery techniques provide a stronger, more robust structure that performs faultlessly for decades.
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