Dimplex – Electric Log Firebox Insert 33″

  • The Safest Bet It is safe to use our fireplace inserts since they do not produce heat or flames.
  • Realistic flames and glowing logs may be created using inner-glow LED lights.
  • Renewable energy sources. No harmful particles or gases are produced.


Plug-in electric firebox 33″ has a 120-volt widescreen electric firebox with thermostat-controlled fan-forced heat. Pulsating logs with hand-polished embers, sculpted from actual wood logs, provide our electric flame technology with astounding realism. An on/off switch and independent settings for flame speed, interior brightness, and heating are included.

Viewing Surface of the Entire Frame
All the fireplaces in the Ignite bold Linear Series come in a wide range of sizes and may be installed with a basic black metal surround or a custom-built finish. Let your imagination go wild and create something unique!

Dimplex Electric Log Firebox Insert 33 3A rainbow of hues
Your flame may be changed from blue to purple to violet to orange or yellow with a single click of your remote control when using the eye-catching Fire and Ice flame combination.


  • With Dimplex’s proprietary flame technology, you’ll get a fireplace that looks like a genuine one, with depth and dancing flames.
  • All of the fireplace’s characteristics may be controlled from your chair.
  • Hand-crafted and molded from accurate wood logs, Dimplex fireplace logs provide an amazingly lifelike log set.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of the flames with or without the heater for year-round comfort and enjoyment.

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