Nordic – Encore Sport Edition Hot Tub

This series is for those that want more jet pressure in their hydrotherapy. These hot tubs are also found in the Modern Series but have increased horsepower to deliver the highest water flow available. Along with more hydrotherapy power, this series comes standard with our NLP Northern Light Package and adjustable stainless steel jetting.

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Settle into your Nordic Encore Sport Edition and let the cares of the day drift away as you relax in swirling hot water. Recline in our No-Float lounger and let the Nordic Star jet action target your back, legs and feet to rejuvenate your body and spirit. Emerge from a hot water session in your Encore SE™ relaxed and with renewed energy! Our Encore SE is a haven in your backyard that you will want to go to time and again!

The Encore SE™ can easily accommodate up to six adults.

The Encore SE™ features five deeply bucketed seats and our No-Float™ lounger, allowing you a great choice of seating options while experiencing optimum DTS™.

  • Depth: 35 in (89 cm)
  • Length: 84 in (213 cm)
  • Width: 84 in (213 cm)
  • Weight (Dry): 520 lbs (236 kg)
  • Operating Capacity: 330 gal (1249 L)
  • Total Jets: 40
    • 5” Nordic Star™ Directional Whirlpool: 1
    • 5” Nordic Star™ Dual Rotational: 2
    • 3” Nordic Star™ Directional: 8
    • 3” Nordic Star™ Dual Rotational: 5
    • 2” Nordic Star™ Directional: 23
    • 1” Ozone Jet (Ozonator Optional): 1
  • Nordic Cascade™ Waterfall: 1
  • Volts: 220
  • Amps: 40A
  • Control Pad: 4-Button Topside w/LED Display
  • Insulation: Foam (Standard) or Nordic Wrap™ (Optional Upgrade)
  • Heater: 4kw on 220V
  • Light: Northern Lights Package™ (Standard)
  • Pump: (1) 3hp Continuous Duty
  • Bluetooth Stereo: (Optional Upgrade)

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