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Design your own personalized relaxation experience with Viking Spas.

The Viking Circle was our very first spa, and it still bears the name of our firm. The design is simple, but it does an excellent job of ensuring that everyone participates in the conversation.

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Superior Design – Viking 2P Spa – A Versatile 4-5 Person Hot Tub

The Viking Series – Where it all began! The Viking circular spa bears our company’s name since it was our first of its type. Despite its plain look, it is faultless in its ability to sustain everyone’s involvement in the discussion. In this series, you may choose from three distinct versions, ranging from a plug-and-play design (convertible to 110v or 240v) to a high-end design with LED lighting and stainless steel jets.

Dimensions: 72 inches round | 183 cm round
Depth: 35 inches | 89 cm
Capacity: 250 gallons | 950 liters
Weight: 330 lbs | 150 kg

The Viking Spa Difference:

For over 25 years, this family-owned firm has been making things in the United States that are risk-free, of high quality, and supplied at competitive costs. As a consequence of the merger of these two companies, Viking Spas has risen to the top of the spa market and gained the satisfaction of a large number of international clients. Stainless steel cup holders, multimedia entertainment systems, LED lighting, precise controls, and stainless steel water jets are all featured. These spas adhere to a tried-and-true design and make use of locally obtained materials. They back up the quality of their products with an industry-leading guarantee on components and labor, as well as a lifetime warranty on the spa shell. They try tirelessly to construct the most sumptuous and lavish Viking spas imaginable. If they want to be the greatest, they will not be satisfied with being the largest. Viking spas’ affordability, quality, and security are well-known selling advantages. Every Viking spa is designed, developed, and built with the goal of providing the best value possible.

Soft-Touch Safety:

This family-owned firm has been producing safe, high-quality, and reasonably priced things in the United States for almost 25 years. As a result of this collaboration, Viking Spas has climbed to the top of the spa industry, pleasing a significant number of international clientele. Stainless steel water jets, digital entertainment systems, LED lighting, precision controls, and cup holders are among the features. These spas employ locally sourced materials and follow a tried-and-true design. They stand behind the quality of their products with an industry-leading guarantee on components and labor, as well as a lifetime warranty on the spa shell. They attempt to construct the most opulent Viking spas feasible. They don’t want to be the biggest if they want to be the finest! Viking spas are well-known for their low prices, high quality, and safety. Every Viking spa is designed and manufactured to deliver the greatest value imaginable.

Viking Spa Quality:

Everyone appreciates the high level of craftsmanship. Viking spas are proud of their worldwide reputation for providing high-quality products and services. They’ve won several industries and consumer awards since 2006, including the Presidential E Award for exporting excellence, the Exporter of the Year Award, and the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award. While a growing number of spa competitors are turning to foreign suppliers, Viking Spas continue to obtain all of its critical components from inside the United States.

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