Brunswick – Birmingham Pool Table

  • SIZE : 8 ft.
  • FINISH : Charcoal
  • POCKETS : As Shown
  • LEGS : As Shown
  • SLATE : 1″
  • COLOR : Brunswick Green
  • CLOTH TYPE : Brunswick Stain-Resistant Cloth
  • DINING TOP : None
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Birmingham is ideal for contemporary gaming rooms needing a vintage touch due to its rustic appeal and loft-style industrialism. The Birmingham, with its faded, rough-hewn appearance, cast iron ornamental pedestal, and turnbuckle stretcher element, is sophisticated and rustic to the last detail.

Why Buy Brunswick?

Brunswick has a tradition of excellence in construction. If you examine the inside of a Brunswick table, you will notice innovation after innovation. Every additional step we take to construct our tables assures their excellent precision and consistency. We are happy to stand behind every product that bears the Brunswick brand and guarantee the items’ quality, materials, and craftsmanship.


Multiple Finishes Can Be Obtained
High-performance Nut Plate Development
Brunswick Certified Premium Slate Diamond-Shape Pearlized White Rail Sights
Somerset Cushion Rubber
Built to BCA specifications K66 tournament-style cushions 1′ Slate Optional Brunswick Traditional Felt or Centennial Felt
Kit with All Billiards Accessories
Exceptionally responsive and precise gaming Optional White Glove Delivery and Installation in the United States Brunswick Accessories Kit:

A standard set of billiard balls
Four 58″ CONTENDER® two-piece cues
The two-part bridge stick
Bridgehead plastic 8-ball rack
Plastic desk brush
Twelve chalk pieces
Official BCA Rulebook Publications:

Aprons: MDF with solid hardwood veneer and MDF with veneer or rubberwood for the legs.
Solid hardwood is used for the railings
Base Frame: Veneer over MDF



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Our innovative nut plates enable 70 percent more torque to be applied to each connection, enabling a stable, smooth transition between rail and slate, which improves performance and playability.
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Our hardened dome washer guarantees that the rail is retained directly on the table, preventing twisting, sinking, and loosening over time.
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The SUPERSPEED® CUSHION RUBBER is a high-performance cushion rubber. Brunswick Over seventy years, SuperSpeed cushions have established the standard. The special rubber composition increases precision, rail uniformity, and rail control.
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Precision is necessary, and the bonding and positioning of cushion rubber are crucial to the overall performance. Brunswick achieves improved accuracy and consistency using pneumatically-controlled machines that glue the cushion rubber to the rails for a precise, consistent fit.
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Banking and rebound accuracy are dependent on the table’s cushion rubber’s nose height. Automated, pneumatically controlled machines from Brunswick precisely position the cushion rubber, maintaining a uniform nose height over the whole table that matches the norm of 64 percent of a 2 1/4″ diameter ball.
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The Brunswick rails are constructed of solid oak. The precision-machined rails provide a solid base for the cushion rubber to ensure exceptional accuracy and performance.


Recessed recesses machined into the rail let the rail fabric be firmly stapled several times without interfering with the attachment of the rail to the slate.
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For the manufacturing of all solid hardwood goods, Brunswick employs exquisite furniture joinery methods. These joinery techniques provide a stronger, more robust structure that performs faultlessly for decades.
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